2019 – Ingredients to Happiness Poem by Haresh Sood (Ingredientes para la felicidad 2019)

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As another year passes, and a new one is approaching,

It is time to re-tune our minds, with some insightful life coaching.


Whilst many in 2018 may have brought you disappointment,

It’s a lesson to learn which should be the actual ointment.


If you have hurt someone, why not do some self reflection?

Could things have been different, if you only showed a little affection?


Be considerate towards the opinions of others and have some awareness of yourself,

Do not always ignore home truths and keep putting them on the shelf!


Recognise those who help, assist or provide you with non conditional support,

It is essential to say thank you, otherwise relations become very distort!


Learn to say sorry, it is no use always being so defensive,

Otherwise your behaviour will be deemed as rude and simply offensive.


Plan your year ahead and revisit those forgotten or long held goals,

Review and replace your schedule to identify the time gaps with empty holes.


Stop wasting time on those you dislike or towards you are simply awkward and strange,

Apply the energy on others and accept that some people will just never change.


Spend your money wisely, who cares if people call you tight,

It is no use spending to please others, so invest in what you think is right.


Assess the time spent on social media, frivolous tasks & people with negative ambition,

Delete these useless contacts and surround yourself with people of a positive vision !


Happy 2019.

Haresh Sood

Photo by http://www.carloskoblischek.com

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