Telling someone the truth about themselves is difficult so here is my poem on Self awareness !




It is difficult to make you  look in the mirror,

Because if you did, life would be so much clearer.


Around you, you have built a very high wall,

Anything I say is met with an unnecessary and defensive brawl.


You never want to talk and say everything is fine,

If only you faced the truth and had a bit of a spine.


Your behaviour and words have become so utterly rude,

Sadly friends are discarding you as you are so negatively viewed.


You want to always tell me that your view is simply right,

Just remove your ego, conceding will avoid an unnecessary fight.


It is fine to be encourage others and be positively critical,

But do you need to focus on the negative and always be so analytical?


As its famously been said ‘first take the plank out of your own eye,’

If you do, more people will come to you and say hello opposed to fairwell and goodbye.


Let people be and don’t mock, criticise or try and control,

From inside you will feel released with a fresh and free inner soul.


It is important to always keep a smile on your face,

You will attract one in return which is like the amazing grace.


So just remember you can improve your own mental health,

Then you will see what life brings other than just financial wealth.


Haresh Sood

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