Telling someone ‘Your breath stinks !!!!’


It is not easy telling someone about their bad breath,

Especially beautiful women who have tried to give me the kiss of death!


But the more I have spoken to people all around the world,

The hair on my skin on many occasions has simply just curled!


I am surprised at how many people present themselves as being so clean,

However, one conversation illustrates they have no concept of oral hygiene!


Alcohol, smoking and coffee are not the only cause,

So why not take a minute to think and have an adequate pause.


If you don’t want to annoy me, please just stay hush,

Or use your common sense and go and use a tooth brush!


And it’s not just your teeth that cause that disgusting smell,

Clean your tongue, in the chemist you will find many types of oral gel.


You should floss, chew mints or use a mouth wash to have a rinse,

Because all I can smell is something includes a bit of mince!


It’s the first impression you create upon someone when you are speaking,

Do you want to be remembered as the one ‘whose breath was absolutely reeking’?


Don’t get defensive and tell me I have a sensitive nose,

I am sorry to tell you; the smell is just absolutely grose.


So, next time you come near me and make me feel sick,

Handling halitosis is not that difficult so don’t pretend to be thick!


Haresh Sood

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