Legal advice for Indian Marriages in 2018



As the average Indian wedding cost escalates to a staggering fifty thousand pounds,

When divorce proceedings commence, each figure cannot be pleaded within the petition grounds!


Whilst it seemed necessary to decorate each venue with tulips, orchids and Juliet roses,

Your ‘expensive’ cameraman took advantage, taking pictures of your million and one poses.


It may have seemed crucial to feed the guests with a dozen and a half delicious courses,

But the price you paid for the doves, was very similar to the carriages with the beautiful horses.


We may be told that culturally it is expected we host about 10 different celebratory functions,

But, perhaps you could have considered a pre nup agreement, protecting youself from post marital malfunctions.


The grooms mother and sisters may have expected your family to give them each an Indian gold set,

But it didn’t mean you exhaust your credit card and get yourself into a huge amount of debt !


Giving cash in envelopes may have been expected by the grandma with the undertone of a break up threat,

But logically speaking, do you normally gift money to people you have hardly just met?


The entertainment and clothes may have entailed the finest DJ with labels from the city of new Delhi,

But none of these are recoverable, so I am sorry if I have made you feel sick and upset your belly.


The ushers fees and unlimited drinks at the bar were all provided by your families own choice,

So I am sorry to say, you can’t claim for any, including the car you used, the swish and swanky Rolls Royce!


Your legal fees will now be charged at a couple of hundred pounds for the lawyers every hour,

Yes, I agree, it must feel like you are standing under freezing cold water having a terrible shower !


Therefore, before you spend any money on a wedding in 2018, stop, think twice and simply  be wise

Because the price you pay isn’t cheap when the marriage ends in a tragic demise.


Haresh Sood

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