Frustrated ‘SEX’pressions of Indian Society….


I found Indian society extremely contradictory when it came to the topics of religion and sex,

Especially when most people are sending illicit material after a morning prayer via a what’s app or a text.


As a relative informed me what is acceptable to ask regarding her daughter’s honeymoon in Goa,

The men in the same  room are discussing something on the internet and keeping their voices lower!


Later, I grasped the culture was rather conservative when it came to joking about love, sex and passion,

In the background my friends 10 year children were watching explicit Bollywood videos displaying some x rated Fashion,


On each corner, I saw religious temples neighbouring onto clinics offering an enhancement to one’s sex life,

I was then told, they are disingenuous, as the so called’doctors’ only want to ‘examine’ someone else’s beautiful wife!


Most men stare at women as though they have never seen the opposite sex and have been completely deprived,

Through their eyes, they display a sexual frustration which they have suppressed  for many years and mentally archived.


Numerous billboards display sexually charged images of a former adult star Sunny Leonne showing her naked flesh,

Then in small cities softcore cinemas are scattered with adverts which look like they were photographed in Bangladesh.


During a conversation, a friend quietly informed me about a service he enjoyed known as ‘body to body’,

He then whispered, ‘there are brothels all over the city, but unlike Europe, they are a little bit shoddy!


Then a relative bragged about booking her husband the unusual birthday gift of a surprise Russian belly dancer,

All I saw on the video were frustrated men recording the moves to use as their late night supplementary enhancer!


On the news, scandalous gurus appear who have abused gullible women who prayed to them for baby boys,

This was followed up by the headline ‘Wife kills her husband after discovering his boyfriend’s bedroom toys’!


On Shivratri most Hindu’s pour milk over the shivling which is meant to promote fertility,

But asking what the shivling signifies is met with the eyes of utter disgust and complete hostility.


Whilst the government appears to be making little effort to promote the idea of using contraception,

Population control will never be resolved as all this suppression is leading to infidelity and deception!


Surprisingly no one seems to talk about sex education, and treats the topic as a complete and utter taboo,

I wonder where the kama sutra and sex temples originated, or if the population just increased simply out of the blue?


Haresh Sood

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