Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Or a convoluted tale of Jack and Gill? A poetic review!


I enter the cinema as the trailers finish on the big screen,

The lead Actors open the film, with a hot ‘Indian’ kissing scene.

A few days later, Anouska tells Ranbir, ‘Please note, you only my best friend’,
But he is already obsessed, and this simply drives him over the edge and around the bend.

Instead of dealing with his obvious psychotic disorder,
Karan Johar glosses the illness with ‘love has no border’

Anouska decides to marry her historic lover Fawad Khan,
Who DJ’s globally from Tim buck two to Ajabijan.

Ranbir has a sulk and meets Aishwarya Rai,
Who simply desires only one thing, with lust in her eye.

Shah Rukh Khan makes an entrance as Aishwarya’s ex,
So Ranbir takes advantage and sends Anouska an ‘I love and miss you text’

Anouska leaves her husband and becomes seriously unwell,
Ranbir tracks her down as he is still under her spell.

The film ends as Anouska sadly passes away.
I leave the cinema thinking ‘Ahhhh what a waste of ticket money I had just had to pay’

Haresh Sood

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