Hypochondriac Attention Seekers !!!


I only asked to see how you were doing?

Instead you responded, ‘Don’t ask, I have every illness brewing.’


I came to share good news which we could have enjoyed together,

Instead you were too busy telling me ‘I am always under the weather’.


Your say your body and head is hurting and simply cannot cope,

So you take more painkillers as they provide you with the only hope.


I try and tell you to think positive as it seems like nothing serious,

I am met with hostility for suggesting you may be acting slightly delirious.


I tell you about a similar experience that I once overcame,

‘Oh, come on’ you say ‘this is worse than yours and definitely not the same.’


I draw your attention to patients in hospital fighting for their life,

You are now struggling to respond as the competition appears to be genuinely rife.


Every illness is exaggerated including the suspicion of a stroke,

Don’t do this, because everyone sees you a complete and utter laughing joke.


You focus on wanting to be ill and seek attention is causing you fatigue,

You are not ill compared to many and fortunate to be in a completely different league.


Why is it you always need the false sympathy and attention?

Do you know in conversations, you are always given a negative mention?


So, next time someone approaches you and asks how you are,

Respond with positivity and say ‘Fine thank you, I feel like a bright and shining star.’


Haresh Sood

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