About me……..


In 1994 at the age of 17, I started working as a BBC Radio Journalist for Mr. Kaval Vaseer on Radio Nottingham. This enabled me to communicate my creativity to world. With some friends and family members, together we formed a creative production group with a musical band when I started singing with others. Annually we would hold faundraising events for various charitable causes.  In the background I studied Law with Languages and spent 3 years abroad in 15 different countries; mainly in Spain, Italy and France between 1996-2003. Following on from receiving a few awards which came as a complete surprise, in 2004-5 I went on to train as a professional Actor at the Arts Ed School of Acting in Chiswick, London. Thereafter, I worked in Modelling and Theatre/Drama for some time whilst keeping my academic background alive in the background and training as a Solicitor and Teacher. I actively worked with children at the QMC hospital school in Nottingham between 2011-2014 and focused on teaching languages with comedy therapies to make the children laugh through their learning. , When I left, in 2014,  I started working as a Barrister then qualified as a Filmmaker.

Through all of my personal and professional experiences without realising, I had built up a plethora of stories and was often told I had a unique way of telling them which made people laugh and thoroughly enjoy them. I was often encouraged to do something with my comical outlook and share my stories with others and therefore in 2014, I embarked upon trying my hand at stand up comedy and started writing about my comical experiences. In 2015, I set up this site to bring a variety of my works through various mediums.

Through all of my highs and lows, I have learned  learned that laughter can be one of the best medicines for the soul to lift us up when we feel down.

This blog aims to provide you with everyday comedy stories from real life events and to make you laugh. Feel free to join me and share your comedy stories and email them to me on me@hareshsood.com.

I hope you enjoy the site and please do not hesitate to send me your feedback.


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