Listen to your heart in 2017…..


When I started writing, I received some negative messages from a few people that I knew,

They questioned my motives and the time on my hands, which confirmed they had no clue.


Whilst one friend responded and assumed I was doing some self-reflection,

Another tried to query my mindset and draw an unusual psychological connection.


Others told me to stop writing without even reading or knowing about any of my work,

Little did they know, they provided me material and will be the subject of my next poetic quirk.


In 2016 a thought occurred to me when I was cutting the salad using the kitchen knife,

Whilst feedback is important, cutting out negative people is crucial if you want to get ahead in life.


As I disregarded the negative comments and progressed towards what I thoroughly enjoy,

I realised others had parked their ambitions as part of someone else’s tactical ploy.


As a result I launched my blog and took control in order to change my status quo,

Then positive comments poured in and my online audience suddenly began to grow.


From analysing the negative people and conversing with many of my readers,

I came to learn about their lost dreams because they had been liaising with life’s misleaders.


Whilst parents, friends and family will always tell you what to do and give an unwanted opinion,

Just remember you are free to choose your route and not part of anyone’s dominion.


Don’t plan your desires with those who make you wait or fail to respond,

Think of the bigger picture, there are many others you will meet with whom you can correspond.


Make time for hobbies and reduce the time you spend on social media or watching Television,

So carefully look at your diary and perhaps it’s time to make the necessary revision.


Filter through your contacts and get rid of time wasters in relationships and simply hit delete,

Surround yourself with positive people who will make you happy and sweep you off your feet.


Whilst education, family responsibilities and a working life can be the barrier to any kick start,

In 2017 take a step towards a lost passion because it’s never too late so simply follow your heart.


Happy New Year

Haresh Sood

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