A Call for Natural Women !!!!

bored-manDear ladies, please forgive me for my poetic pun,

But here is my warning if you are boring and unable to enjoy any fun.


If you want a quick marriage and for the oven a hot bun,

Just bear with me, whilst I get my coat and make a swift run!


Please don’t call me ‘babes’ or address me as your ‘hun,’

And do get rid of that fake tan as I can certainly see no sun.


Don’t be nosey to see if I have a daughter or a son,

Because inappropriate questions will only get you my shun,


By expressing your religion and rules like some sort of nun,

Let me check if the bar has a rifle so they can shoot me with a gun!


And thank you for telling me about your salary and all the degrees you have done,

I am more interested in you, rather than the accolades you have won!


If you can help it, can you please stop texting before your battery is outdone,

Because I don’t come twice, and your luck seems to have overun.


And please, order what you like and don’t keep saying ‘Oh I will end up weighing a tonne’,

Just be yourself, then I may be able to say ‘finally the night has actually begun’ …….


Haresh Sood

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