Shiksha (Sanskrit word for learning)…..Do you recognise your learned behaviour….?

'Gee, I wonder where he picked up this behavior?'

If you look throughout the history of their family tree,

The food was always cooked with the same ingredients including Ghee.


Ever since their Grandmother screamed death to the small cut on her little toe,

Exaggerating illnesses became normal, and even now are routed to their genetic blood flow.


As their parents argued openly and behaved rudely towards family, friends and others,

Their children followed suit ruining personal relationships including those with sisters and brothers.


Their manners, habits and expressions are all so in sync with one another,

There is no individuality and everyone sounds the same as the father and mother.


The way in which the parents express their inappropriate sarcasm,

is reflected through by the tongues of their offspring in a bizarre and inarticulate spasm.


Their caring and sharing makes me think of the word ‘disfigure’,

which is heavily influenced by the family’s most dominant and elderly figure.


I ask, is there anything wrong with recognising negative traits and keeping them at bay?

Because if they don’t, their next generation will act the same and again put them on display.


By filtering through the positive and negative qualities of your family members with a sieve,

will enable you to conduct yourself in a more acceptable manner and teach you how to give.


Do not feel guilty as there is nothing wrong challenging those from whom we learn,

More importantly you should scrutinise their actions and make full use of the word ‘discern.’


Therefore, next time you are told you are just like an un/popular family member,

Ask yourself ‘is this how I come across to others when they of think of me to remember?’.

Haresh Sood


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