Stand-up comedy

As a result of being told my stories were funny, in 2014 started writing down some of my comical experiences and then signed up for a course with a view of performing stand-up comedy. I was encouraged to do this by my then patient students, their parents, and many nurses, when I taught at the QMC Hospital School Nottingham. During this teaching experience, I realised that one thing that got people through their most tough time at hospital was laughter, and it really helped those I met and taught. Consequently, I was encouraged to do something with my real-life comedy stories based on true life experiences. Therefore, with ‘Laughing Matters’ a group from Nottingham, I enrolled on a course and learned how to perform the art of stand-up comedy and learned how to perfect my delivery. My first public show in 2014 entailed the comedy about the legal profession and the Justice system! Since then, I have held many private evenings with friends over drinks in a lounge style setting which has grown. I truly believe laughter is a medicine for the soul and those missing out will never know what they could be enjoying!

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