The clock of life is ticking……….

After 7 hours of sleeping, our alarm clock wakes us up to go to work,

Like a programmed robot, we travel to our duties on a mission like captain Kirk.


Some 10 hours later we return to our homes and start cooking and conducting daily chores,

A few hours on, we are still abiding by our self created rules and nonsensical laws.


We have 3 or 4 hours remaining to enjoy the rest of the day,

So spend the hours wisely, in the same way as you would your monthly pay.


Do not waste your time feeling miserable, distressed or blue.

Recognise love and happiness, from nice and caring people whom surround you.


Listen to your heart and the advice from people with wisdom in their words,

Take both hands and capture some love, before it fly’s away with the birds.


The clock is ticking, so make the most of every single day,

Just remember, nothing is permanent and no one is here to stay.


Do not focus on money as your most important asset of wealth,

There is no joy in earning or spending if you do not maintain a good health.


Before we know it, the years of life will quickly pass us by,

Memories, regrets and reflections, will no doubt make us all one day cry.


Self reflect and apologise to those you hurt, and learn how to forgive,

Holding anger will only make us bitter and this life will become harder to live.


Each year we grow older, lets be grateful that we are still ageing,

Who knows when suddenly with this world, you and I will stop engaging!


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