The art of alternative giving on Christmas Day…….


Here is some further coverage for my article on ‘the art of alternative giving’

Here is a poem for this auspicious day.


I was woken up in the morning by the smell of the delicious food in the kitchen which was slowly cooking,

So, I made a coffee and watched television which displayed celebrities, all of whom were very good looking.


As I glanced out of the window on yet another beautiful Christmas day,

I saw the neighbour’s children looking all joyous, who had gone outside on the street to play.



The adverts promoted sale products with a view of making us all materialistically richer,

Whilst my phone messages poured in and my social media was flooded everyone’s happy picture!


As I changed the television channel to view what is happening on the daily news,

I questioned how Christmas must be for those I saw who are destitute without any food or even a pair of shoes.


As I sat in the warmth and looked at the opened presents which were earlier under the Christmas tree,

It made me wonder if anyone is likely to hear my heartfelt and meaningful plea.


If you have any extra  unopened food in your fridge or cupboards please listen to my appeal,

Why not donate it to a homeless shelter or food bank as it will provide someone in need a decent meal.


Please take a moment to think of the children and families affected by terror and war

They don’t have the fortune of having a leaded roof with a double glazed front door.


By taking out some time to contact or meet someone who is alone or unwell,

Will only take a few minutes, so why not give them a bell?


If you can give anything, please ensure you do not discriminate,

Because once you start, it will make you happy and your mood will elevate.


Once you have mastered the art in which you can alternatively give,

It helps you understand what Mathew and Mark said about benefits in learning to forgive.



Merry Christmas

Haresh Sood

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