Mobile Phones….How not pull women!


Whilst you were busy on google maps looking at your phone,

It was great meeting a gorgeous women who told me her name was Joan.


And when you were telling your friends what you had eaten on your Snapchat,

It’s a shame you missed her hot friend, because she was waiting to have some chitchat.


I know you wanted to share some ideas with your colleagues on Pinterest,

But It’s a shame that she got bored and finally lost interest.


I appreciate you must use your account on Tumblr,

But I am saddened you missed a chance by being a complete fumbler.


Sorry I didn’t wait and realise you wanted to send a tweet,

I was too busy flirting with all these women and being swept off my feet,


I am glad you enjoyed checking us both in on Facebook?

But I preferred getting a number, so I later add it to my address book.


And whilst you were posting your pictures on Instagram,

I was talking to the beautiful lady with twin nephews with the colourful pram.


I know you enjoy forwarding every message you get on WhatsApp,

But I couldn’t resist smiling at the hot lady in the square with the blue trendy cap.


Oh of course, I know you want to also respond to the messages on viper,

So, I’ll just go and check out those women eyeing us up, who are getting a bit hyper.


And finally, I forgot you have always got the fall back of Tinder,

Although, your phone obsession may make women mistake you for being a Judge Rinder!


Haresh Sood

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