Travel on Indian Gravel !!!

As the train pulls into the dilapidated station of the capital city New Delhi,

The air around you hits the nose and suddenly  everything becomes extremely smelly.


The slums on the road side display a distressing and inhumane condition,

I am saddened to discover that since my last visit, things are in an even worse position.


Everywhere I go I am faced with posters of the new prime minister’s achievements called Mr. Modi,

His supporters try to convince me ‘he is a good man just like Al fayed, the father of the late Mr. Dodi’.


My relatives try to reassure me that India has developed and come up in several phenomenal ways,

But all I see are shopping malls and high rise buildings which appear to be the latest craze.


The rich and poor still live parallel lives to one another on opposite sides of the road,

Therefore, you will always find stray animals and beggars outside a rich man’s humble abode.


The dust from the broken roads and level of rubbish scattered on the streets is very distressing,

But no one gives a toss, because they are busy at a temple paying a guru, obtaining his fake blessing.


As my cousin drives her car towards the oncoming traffic which nearly causes our death,

I quickly look for my asthma inhaler whilst I am trying to stay calm and catch my gasping breath.


When you ask someone street directions, they tell you that your destination is ‘just nearby’,

100 kilometres down the road, all you want to do is kill the idiot, but instead park the car to have a good old cry!


The horning by the vehicles is always done no matter what maybe the weather or annual season,

And the road is full of non-uniformed attendants directing the traffic forwards without any valid reason!


The bumps on the road make your body move around like you are doing an unusual bhangra dance,

So I think you should be careful, unless you feel you can come to India and just simply take a chance!



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