USA President…..time to get over it!!!

With his infamous statements, many said, ‘as a child his head must have had a bump’,
With those lips and that smirk, many said ‘he has a face that you just want to thump’
With his views, many said ‘we can’t stay here anymore, we will just have to country jump’
However, despite all the negative press, this man will become President Donald Trump!
I have seen many videos and read the headlines the media did pump,
Making the world fear what Donald will do to the people he will dump.
Life is too short, so come on people, please stop having a grump.
And for that throat, drink some water and get rid of that pathetic lump.
Just sit back and watch the show, as did Forest Gump,
Forget the world’s troubles and together lets all clump,
Its nearly Christmas, so eat mince pies and drink  Sherry and become plump,
Because its only temporary, and when the dust settles the news will just flump.
But do look on the bright side, his wife is certainly no frump,
Ok ok, you will ask ‘why the hell is she with that silly old chump’
She is very beautiful whilst he is a rich man, albeit somewhat plump
So is the media headline true saying ‘his wife is a money sump’

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