Self induced male victims of nagging ! Conversations with male friends in relationships!


Shall we go out for a drink tomorrow night?

I can’t because I really don’t want her to have a fight.


Well if you like we can go on Sunday and watch the football game?

Not possible, otherwise I will be accused of leaving the kids and having no shame.


Ok, I will find out about tickets to see Cold Play and make an inquiry?

Sorry, you will have to speak to the Mrs. as she manages the family diary.


Never mind, we can always stay in and order some food,

I’ll let you know as it all depends on her daily mood.


No worries, on Saturday we could go and play a game of squash?

Impossible, as she said I must sort the dishwasher out; so the engineers coming from Bosch.


Oh well, from the fridge can I get us both a  beer?

Be careful, I think she will be home soon and could just appear.


Never mind, I will just put the news on and watch the television,

Sorry, no TV she says whilst the kids are doing their revision.


Bloody hell, does she have your remote control?

Oh no where is it, let’s find it, otherwise Ill be put on parole!


Haresh Sood

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