Indian nicknames on a birthday invite…..


When the what’s app invitation arrived from our cousin known as Geetz,

The buzz had started and everyone spread the word by sending each other tweets.


As I trawled through the list of those who were invited,

I tried to decipher their full names as only nicknames had been cited.


I was highly amused by the names of Kiz and Niz,

It was almost as if I was playing scrabble or a game of articulate quiz.


I was intrigued by the name of a mysterious Mrs. O,

Which made me wonder, if should I stay or reconsider and simply go.


With a vow to party until the very end by someone called Jairish,

‘I wouldn’t miss it’ shouted out our cousin, who we all know as stunning Nish!


I finally recognised a name I knew of someone called Poo,

This is our Bollywood sister, so I didn’t have to ask the question, ‘who?’


As an RSVP arrived from a DJ called Gemini Sanj,

Someone else was planning their hair who everyone knows as Manj.


When I finally got told that Deetz meant Aditi,

An RSVP text came from a different relative who is known as Mrs. Shriti!


As the birthday wishes poured in from Sarita and Anita,

Pankaj Beri said ‘I will try to come but it all depends on my wife Rita!’


As Meenu and Manu ummed and arred about coming,

Aanip, Rishi and Susan’s apologies where quick and forthcoming.


Then finally I recognised the names of Chaya and Akash,

At which point I knew it would be a great party, as they are always on the lash!


Haresh Sood

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